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I am quite amused with the increasing comments in my chatbox. And I have a strong feeling that many of them are plain spammers. Different names pointing to the same sites.hehehe. 

Anyway, for all of you guys who dropped by, thank you very much. 142. I hope you truly enjoy reading fanzines as much as I do. 

And for the spammers, still, thank you for exerting effort. Really, it must have been very hard for you to understand some posts written in Filipino and come up with sweet flattery. 

Yeah, you've got nice sites or blogs too. COOOLNESS TO THE CORE! BRILLIANT! SUPERB! GENIUS! REVOLUTIONARY!PROGRESSIVE! AHEAD OF ITS TIME! Uhhm, what else do you wanna hear?

Yes, i visit them as well, but I guess, i'll just post my (appreciation) here. :)

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