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5 Practical Tricks to Lessen Fan/zine Production Costs: A Primer to Young Zinesters

Nothing is so extraordinary when I post late updates. Hehehe. Actually, I don’t think the term “update” fits in here.  I hardly have the time to post everything that enters my mind. The 2-hour ride consumes too much of my time and long before I begin to write a single word, I often find myself longing for a deep slumber.

Now going back, we all know that production costs have always been a major issue among zinesters. In as far as I am concerned, this basically explains why many of these publications hardly see their fifth issue. Ephemeral, as Ma’am Raya would describe it. Knowing that these printed works hardly rely on sponsorships, one could just imagine the expenses that these zinesters have to endure. Nevertheless, this dilemma gave birth to some of the most ingenious ways of how zine editors could stretch out their finances just to publish their zines. 

So to all young zinesters or aspiring zinesters, here are the tricks that you should know by heart. hahaha

  • Limit the number of pages – Use smaller fonts. But not too small that your readers can hardly see a single word. The idea in here is to put as much content in a single page. I have a suggestion in here. Sure, you want to put everything. Yet, if you are on a tight budget, then maybe you could save those ideas for the next issue. It is just my two cents ok. :) 
  • Patronize cheap photocopying centers – Last Friday, Alvin, one of the writers of Infected Mind Zine and I met. I handed him a copy of Herald X, Verbal Offense and Kanto and it cost him P56 to photocopy all those fanzines. Thanks to Copytrade. There you could a powder photocopy is around 60 cents. For liquid, you have to pay 75 cents, if my memory does not betray me.   If you have the time to go to U-belt, or in areas that are beside the school, I bet you could get a much lower photocopying price.
  • PDF file conversion – There are thousands of PDF converters online that can be used for free. This is perfect for those who have contacts abroad and in the province. It is easy, fast, convenient and cost-effective. But if you have already released a paper zine and some of your readers are craving for a copy, then maybe we could meet. I’ll scan it, convert it and send it to you. We could meet either on Friday or Saturday. But don’t pressure me ha. Hehehehe.
  • Make a network – There are many foreign bands and supporters that are visiting us. In case one of your contacts resides within the visitors’ area, then you could ask them to deliver it for you when they return. Be thankful and maybe you could give them a token of appreciation.
  • The registered mail –  This was mentioned by one of the zinesters. Unfortunately, I was unable to get his name, but it was a very good point during the discussion. It pays to have a registered mail rather than suffer the consequences of being labeled as a rip-off because your contact did not receive his or her package. Aside from being a precautionary measure it likewise prevents you from spending another hundred bucks to send the zine again.

On the other hand, the readers also play an important role in helping zinesters and this is via buying these publications. Now if you have issues with that, then that is your problem. As far as I am concern, I will buy zines. Why? Because buying these publications is not synonymous to profiteering. The people behind these could hardly break even. If they get something out of this, then these zines could have been peddled like those tabloids in the streets. But it does not go that way right? And besides, your guilty pleasures, a pack of cigar, for example,  is far more expensive than zines and all you get is a dose of nicotine which takes 7 years of your life. Come on guys! Free lunches do not come everyday.

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