"But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it....All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility. Its condemnation may be allowed to rest on this common argument, not the worse for being common. "(John Stuart Mill)

Breaking the barriers of freedom expression. Defying the controls of public opinion. Love it or hate it. Do It Yourself!

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Tattle Tale and Teenage Anger

I've been chasing/stalking zinesters for 6 long years and to see them visit this site and say hello excites me to the core. I was really so zine-struck when Ms.Reji made her presence felt and I went gaga when Sir Hippie of Teenage Anger dropped by. So here is Tattle Tale and for those who were affected by geocities' closure, no worries, Pinoy Punk history was already transferred to Planetang Papel. O ayan ha, andiyan na mga links ha, pag tinamad ka pa, ewan ko na lang.

P.S: Sir Hippie, do you still have a copy of teenage anger po?

With two veteran zinesters here,  WHEN IS THE NEXT ZINE CONFERENCE? WHEN? QUANDO? QUANDO?
Sana weekend, sana gabi. sana lahat ng zinesters pumunta mapa-per zine, music zine, sports zine etc., sana punta lahat. :)

Tattle Tale                                                              


This is I Remember Halloween's forefather. It took me quite some time to realized that Slackerbooger and IRH's editor is the same. Nyahahahahaha.


Thought Market

I've seen in many fora that many miss this zine. But for those who don't have any idea about this publication, hope this one helps. And as I have said in the disclaimer, if you want the whole copy, then exert some effort naman to contact the editor. Wag maging tamad.

Thought Market                                                            

Halo Halo

 A brainchild of the Dumpling Press. It lives up to its name. Halo halo-- everything under the sun. From music to art stuffs and isms you haven't heard of. Highly informative. Teacher's could actually use this one.

Halo Halo                                                                   

Trident Nation

This is one of the best and memorable zines that I ever encountered. I like both the form and content. It adds color to my zine-searching adventures. I had to travel from QC to Valenzuela. Tapos ma-traffic and I haven't been to Valenzuela. I got lost due to Manong Jeepney's destroyed eardrums. The bridge was still under construction and I embarked on  walkathon at around 7:30 P.M. But, who cares? It was all worth the effort when I finally got hold of this one. Parang treasure hunting lang :). 

Trident Nation                                                            

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