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Assault With Intent To Mosh Zine

Assault With Intent Mosh zine is yet another baby of the one and only Froi of Radikal Primates Zine. Ok, this dude is one of the most active zinesters that we have here. This is his third fanzine already (kindly correct me if I'm wrong Froi hehehe).

Now this guy is also responsible for Black Market Bastards and has been involved in various zine collaborations. So here we go, a few words from Quezon province's pride, Froi:

Assault with Intent To Mosh Zine Hardcore/ Punk / Horror is our subject of choice, If you love any of those, you will love us. Issue O features interviews with Posero, Migraine Records and Altar of Dagon. Issue 1 with Wheelchair 4x, Jane Hoe and Psychotic Sufferance. Issue number 2 featuring 99 Assaults, Repugnant, You Suck, Excess and Jack Bullshit Fanzine interviews. Zines are in Person. Pay for postage if ordering by mail. 

Again, Froi's page is in the links, contact him for a copy, not me, ok. :) 


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