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The Golden Era (1996 to 2002):Metro Manila Fan/Zine History (part 5)

Realizing that it is not feasible to publish a magazine like Seventeen or Cosmopolitan, Dumpling Press decided to make its own zine in 1999. Dumpling Press is run by Claire Villacorta and Paolo Jose Cruz. They are the ones that published Halo-Halo. In that same year, Cruz made a debut of his personal zine named as Dysfunxion.

Another duo came up with their own fan/zine. These are Francis Irish de Guzman and Fortunato “Nonoy” Padrejuan. The two collaborated and decided to create the Scene fan/zine. De Guzman was more into punk, whereas Padrejuan is more into metal—therefore the result is a combination of two different ideas.

When the new millennium came, Alvaro Martin released Metal Havoc. His encounter with punk fan/zines influenced him to come up witha metal fan/zine. The fifth issue of this publication was released in December 2005.

Political and literary zines also emerged in 2000. Jong Pairez created the political zine, Soluble Fish. Then he met his classmate Randy Nobleza and the latter began to contribute to the publication. Nobleza now handles Soluble Fish since Pairez went to Japan last 2003. Other than Soluble Fish, Nobleza created two other fan/zines named as Spontaneous Human Combustion and Paminggalang Lanta si Ninotchka Rosca.

From music to personal—to art— and now to extreme sports. In 2000, skaters Boyet del Mundo, Jun Castor and Bas Umali made the first and last issue of Oyster skatezine. After Oyster’s last issue, del Mundo created another zine in 2002 and this was Holocaust.

Another fan/zine was also published in 2000 and this was 12 Tone Agony by Hannelore Gonzales. 6 issues of this publication were produced.

In 2001 another political fan/zine entered the fan/zine arena. This was Philippine Daily Intriguer. Along with this, Dane Cortes made a decision to publish a punk fan/zine named as Slackerbooger.

Steam, which is a feminist zine was also born in 2001.

The year also paved the way for a Zine Conference that was organized by Cobangbang, Villacorta and Cruz.

In 2002, Alexander dela Cruz released In Dark Purity. It is a metal zine. Dela Cruz considers his fan/zine as his very own lifeblood. Five issues of In Dark Purity were released so far. Cult Mongers, another metal zine was also published during this year.

After Halo-Halo in 1999, Dumpling Press created more zines. Martial Law Babies and Jawbreaker came out in 2002. It is also important to note that Jawbreaker was reviewed in MTV Ink. Dumpling Press also published the quarter-sized feminst zine, Baruka.

It was also in 2002 that the Dumpling Press, Raya Siriban and Ebong Linan organized another Zine Conference. The happenings of the said event were documented in Chopsuey zine.


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