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The Golden Era (1996 to 2002):Metro Manila Fan/Zine History (part 4)

The well revered Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Ethic is a primal aspect behind fan/zine production. But DIY is not just a mere dogmatic term. Through the years, it has progressed and developed a culture of its own. It cannot be denied that it has created a major impact towards the proliferation of different types of fan/zines.

From 1996 to 2002, more fan/zines were published. During this period, it is evident that music is not the only central themes of these publications. But it cannot be denied that music fan/zines still dominate the fan/zine arena.

In December 1995, siblings Butch and Dangie Regala conceptualized their own hardcore fan/zine. The idea materialized. Therefore, in January 1996, Get in Touch was created. In 1998, Get in Touch collaborated with Step Forward fan/zine. This paved the way for a newsprint fan/zine called The Conspiracy.

In March 1996, Wendi Castro released W.R.I.N.G. W.R.I.N.G best illustrates the shift and development of fan/zine content. It is noticeable that the publication does not simply tackle music-related matters. Personal stuff were also discussed. It can be best described as the zinester’s very own diary. W.R.I.N.G has released 10 printed issues.

In December 1996, Rallye Ibanez made an experiment. The outcome—Scrawlshop fan/zine. According to Ibanez the reason behind Scrawlshop was that he wanted to try if he can make a publication on his own. The first issue was labeled as issue No.0. Topics regarding punk , metal and even personal shout outs embodied the fan/zine. But more than anything else, Scrawlshop is best remembered for its unorthodox layout that remains unmatched. (Well at least for now)

1996 also saw the coming of other fan/zines such as Trash and Ben Quinacman’s Not 4 Sale. This was also the time when Disabuse’s Rigor Ruiz released Discourse. Ruiz stressed that communication is the best way to inform. Due to this, he saw the potential of fan/zines to spread knowledge. But while he admits that he is an avid punk follower, Discourse is not just a punk fan/zine. According to Ruiz, he sees to it that for every released issue, there is a dominant theme. For example, the second issue was about crimes and the third discussed corruption. All in all there are four issues of Discourse.

By the time August 1997 came, an “agitated young girl who wanted to wear her heart on her sleeve,” released Dissent. The zinester is Loi Calo. It had two issues. The last was released in June 2001. 1997 is also the year when Tattle Tale was created. But aside from Dissent and Tattle Tale other fan/zines were also formed. These were No More War Newsletter by Humar Tarranco and Altok Young (?). No More War has 12 issues. Tarranco also released Radical fan/zine. It has 3 issues. The 2nd one was actually a double issue.

In 1998, an art fan/zine came to life. It was Lunar Landing which was published by Lena Cobangbang. 9 to 10 issues of Lunar Landing were released. State of Shock was also born during this year.

Due to the evident increase of fan/zines a Zine Fest was held in Mayrics on October 18, 1998. The event was sponsored by Just Say Rock! The store was managed by BJ Cabaluna, the man behind Wendy Says fan/zine and former editor of Rock and Rhythm. The event was also highlighted by the performance of several bands such as Ciudad, Bad Days for Mary. Brown Beat All-Stars, Aspirin and Iconoclast.


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