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Onward to the Futrure (2003- Present): Metro Manila Fan/Zine History (part 6)

In 2003, Sannee Reveche put out Crapsalad. That was the first and last issue of the printed Crapsalad. As for the moment Reveche is more focused on the fan/zine’s online version. Mindrape fan/zine was also published during this year.

The summer of 2004 saw the release of Major Malfunction. It was published by Walid “Led” Ma’arouf. Ma’arouf said that at first he was just helping the Scene zinesters in typing their articles. But then again, he realized that he can also make his own fan/zine—and so Major Malfunction came to life.

After several months, Trident Nation, which is a metal zine was born in July 2004.

Influenced by the Dumpling Press, Bunny Luz created San ‘To? in 2004, Luz emphasized that fan/zine making is not a profit endeavor, rather it is a labor of love.

The above-mentioned publications are not the only fan/zines that have existed in Metro Manila from 1987 to 2004. Locating all of them requires a lot of effort and time. Tracing the zinesters and their origin is a very difficult task. As previously explained fan/zines are ephemeral and underground by nature. It is evident that a fan/zine usually becomes inactive after its first or second issue. But nonetheless, it can be seen that its thematic content has blossomed.

From 1987 to 2004, aside from music fan/zines, personal fan/zines have also emerged. Aside from the ones discussed there are still other personal fan/zines such as Barrel, Framing Historical Theft (by Athena Tan), Billet Doux, Beermug, Club Crony, Everyday is Inhibition, Freedom pad, Fresh Milk, Generation W, Welcome to my Dollhouse (Cheryl Tiu), Catatonia, Illiterati (Diana Mae Siriban) and I Love You Sharon by Noel Kuhlman.

Gender-based fan/zines such as The Gay Agenda and Queer Assimilation in the Straight Culture, B-Aklas (Aleksi Gumela) and Raging Flambouyant cropped out. This was also the same for literary fan/zines such as Huwan Potoc.

There are also fan/zines that tackle Ska and Hare Krishna. This was exemplified by Ferdinand Lindayen who published Mantra, Le Beat, Haribol Worship. He was also the one responsible for the fan/zine For All Who Cares.

As expected more punk fan/zines proliferated. Among the punk fan/zines that existed during the 17 year period were: Chaozine (Michael Ilomin), Alas Dose, Freedom Newsletter, Nerdcore Punkzine, Heritage (Giovanni Concha), Bound by Conviction (Allen Rubis), Conspirazine, Punk Out Hard, Extrovert (Randy Rayos), Resistor (Cocoy Tan), Shitwiper (Allan Mendoza), Stand Straight (Dencio Velasco), Static Control, Cheap Control, Unseen Assazine, Watxeber, Oi Standard (Emir Bernardo), Exhausted UrbanOi etc.

There is also an upsurged of metal fan/zines as manifested by Blackbox (Joseph Conde) and Into Another World (Alexander Manalo).

Other fan/zines that mushroomed were Diretso (skate fan/zine), Earth Defense League, Grin Department (Arvin Jimenez), Intensity, Rampage, Squat (Dennis Cortez) and Blank Information (Jonathan Casuncad).

But the story of Metro Manila fan/zines does not end in 2004.

2005 gave way to the proliferation of other fan/zines such as Expressyon ng Makulitis na Thrasher, Monkey Milk by Jamillah Nedjadi, In Death We Thrash and Effusio Sanguinis (Capili's recent fan/zine).

On the other hand, despite the growth and development of these publications,some things never changed. These are FREEDOM AND PASSION. Such have been the invincible forces why fan/zines continue to...RESIST,PERSIST AND EXIST.

*Ramos, Pio Redel (1992). A Historical Case Study of Herald X


*Canare, Jorge G. (198). Underground Press of the Philippines: History and Nature

*Digging The Underground: A Historical Analysis of Metro Manila Zines from 1987 to 2004.


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