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The Formative Years (1987 to 1995): Metro Manila Fan/Zine History (part 3)

The dawn of 1988 gave birth to another influential fanzine—Mutilated News. It is tagged as one of the longest running fanzines in Metro Manila. All in all Noel Francia has released 9 printed issues of Mutilated News. In 2000, the fan/zine went online.

Influenced by Maximum Rock & Roll and Slug Lettuce— Coarse front man, Darwin Koh decided to make his own fan/zine in 1989. He christened it as Head Shrinker. Head shrinker had 3 issues only. It is because in 1994, Koh changed its name to Verbal Offense Punxine. In that same year (1994) he also released Bullet Inn, together with comrade Rigor Ruiz of Disabuse.

On the other hand, Anti fanzine under Raymond Bravo was also born in 1989. Bravo is also responsible for the Laguna-based fan/zine known as Keep da Faith.

Dennis de Vera was simply not contented with Oi Banger. In 1990, De Vera along with Chris Aguilar and Darwin Laluz published Oi Banger. It had 6 issues just like Manila Oi.

More fan/zines sprouted in the 90s. Blatant Underground and Growwll came to life.

However, fan/zines were not a medium of the punk subculture alone. The early 90s also witnessed the creation of heavy metal fan/zines. Bakal (Didits Gonzales), Inverted, Unexpected Suffering, Black Apocalypse, Pogrom, Werewolf and Ratroach were some of the earliest metal fan/zines in the 90s.

In February 1992, a death metal zine known as Impetus was released. Ferdinad George Mapa was able to release 3 issues of Impetus. The second was distributed in 1994 and the third one—in 1996. Mostly of Impetus’ first and second issues were interviews with foreign bands. Nevertheless, local acts such as Deiphago and Sitao Massaccre were also featured.

It cannot be denied that there is a metal scene. Thus, in April 17, 1993, Metallica held its first and last concert in Pasig Sports Complex. It is also apparent that Filipino metal artists have also multiplied. This was exemplified in the fan/zine Emblem of Aggression. It covers both metal and punk scenes. In its debut issue, metal bands such as Resurrected, Death After Birth, KNK, Democide, Barang, Bubonic Plague, Morguetory and Brimstone in Fire filled Emblem of Aggression’s pages.

Then in December 1993, there was Voice Out by Yeyet Ruiz. It was punk in nature and had 3 issues.

In 1994, a glossy fan/zine named as Scenester was released. Aside from being glossy, it also has a circulation of 500 copies. Mors Omnia Solvit, a Bulacan-based metal zine by Michael Capili was also released during this year.

As part of the Pepsi Megadrive promo, an Eraserhead fanzine known as Pillbox was made in 1995.

Apparently, music was the primary focus of many fan/zines during this period. It is also evident that for every musical scenes that evolve, fan/zines are also created. In addition to that, it can be seen that these publications are not just interested in covering the local scenes alone. Foreign scene reports are highly manifested. Basically, this is to make the readers aware of scene developments in other parts of the world.


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