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Yes, it was all about the zinecon held last April 16 at Kalye Art Gallery. It was one of my most awaited events. Unfortunately, with too much excitement, I forgot to bring my camera and taking pictures with my phone was useless. Secondly, I forgot to check the event’s exact location which almost left us (me and my sworn sister) navigating our way out of Taft Avenue’s labyrinth. Nevertheless, we still made it and it was all worth it when I finally had a glimpse of those zines that were displayed in the area.

Suddenly, summer’s unbearable heat was replaced by an air of nostalgia and the memories of how I first encountered these publications poured like rain. I was totally lost for words and when I saw a preserved copy of Unseen Assazine, I really felt like stealing it—unmindful and totally insensible of what others would say. It took me a considerable amount of time to find it and there it was, right in front of me and yes, similar to the exhibit’s theme—if zines could talk, I could really hear it say “take me home.” Thanks to my super ego, I’ve managed to salvage a little bit of courtesy and respect.

But to my surprise (I actually had a lot of surprises that night), it was not only Unseen Assazine that stole the limelight. The zinesters—the very people that I stalk hahahaha—the very people that I constantly monitor through various social networking sites and other online stalking platforms—who, for the longest time, I’d never imagined that I would ever see in person, were there. Well I had the chance to virtually interact with some of them. Take for example, Sir Dane (I Remember Halloween), Sir Jep (Konspirazine), Sir Emman (Resist to Exist), Jay (Aspire) and Joab (Real Tight Crew), but it never occurred to me that I’ll ever have the chance to interact with them in real life. You just have to imagine what I felt when I saw the other zinesters who I only knew through their works that were published decades ago. It was like seeing an apparition out of nowhere.

Now, the next surprise came when a new breed of zine makers handed me a copy of their publications. Seeing a zinester released a new issue is already exhilarating and in this digital era, to have a young zinester produce paper zine is bliss. Its ecstatic. Tis the kind of joy that you feel when you see rainbows. Ephemeral and divine. So Jay (Aspire), Carlos (We The Infected), Arvin (Tagay) and Cris (Liberation), kudos to all of you guys.
On the other hand, this is perhaps one of the most unforgettable landmarks of my zine stalking— to take hold of Spinknots and to see the publisher of Dapithapon. I wasn’t able to get a copy of Dapithapon but at least, I’ve got Ms. Be’s number.

For six (6) long years, I’ve been dying to read Spinknots and Dapithapon. For six years, good lord, six long years, it was all worth the wait. I’ve finally seen not only the fanzine, but also its creator. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind looking and waiting for another six years if that would mean that I’d finally see, feel and experience the country’s legitimate zine godfather, Garbage.

P.S: Thank you very much to Sir Jep and Zepol for the invite. This is forever appreciated. J


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