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Never underestimate a dog

Warning: Explicit content

As I was battling my way against an ocean of people just to catch my favorite koreanovela, a sudden turn of event landed me to the nearest clinic. Tsk, and that was one of the most important episodes that I have been waiting for. 

Here is the deal, I was about a few meters away from our house and since dogs have more sophisticated olfactory systems than men, i can already see them rushing towards the gate. Now, just when i was about to enter,  our little babies started to bark like there was no tomorrow. These six dogs were all so super excited to give the warmest greetings since their eldest sister has finally arrived. But due to the noise, they awakened our neighbor's pitbull. 

The bitch woke up from the wrong side of her bed and she was very furious. In one mighty leap, Mookie, the pitbull, got away from her chains and ran towards me. My first instinct was to get inside. Yet, our gate did not cooperate. Also, if i got in, Mookie would surely go after our dog, Tequila. These two hate each other so much and for sure, you do not want to give way for a bitch war. Tequila is also pregnant. She cannot fight back. 

So instead of running, i decided to stand still. I'm not afraid of dogs anyway, even if it is a pitbull. My bestfriend has a pitbull too named Douglas and I am telling you-- that dog is way too sweet and friendly. As I stood still, Mookie bumped against my leg and ran towards our neighbors who were having a taste of their favorite alcohol. I even laughed because one of them who was already intoxicated suddenly came back to her senses and was struggling to climb a wall due to so much fear. Then, Mookie returned and I decided to move over. Suddenly, as i approached the gang of drunkards, “Ate” asked me

“Nakagat ka?”

In that moment, I felt that my right leg is a bit wet. When I looked at it, boom!

A pool of blood started gushing out of my leg. The hard bump was actually a dog bite. Three wounds in a single bite. Oh my good lord. 

“Ate” and the rest of them started to call the dog owner, who is also my kumpare. He was also shocked with what happened. I went inside the house and Nanay started shouting. 

“Hugasan mo, paduguin mo. Kailangan running water.” 

I went inside the bathroom and Tequila followed. Ironically, she was more stressed than I am. The poor little dog ran like crazy inside the house and started howling. I think she was too worried.

Then as I was about to wash the wound and take a better look at it, my head started to spin as if I just came out of a roller coaster ride. I could not open the faucet and all I said was “Sigarilyo ko.” 

Holy crap, I almost fainted when I saw the blood spilled endlessly, not to mention the tiny block of cells that came along with it. The yellowish and reddish particles were enough to paralyze me. Then Nanay stepped inside, wondering why I was not doing anything. 

“Paduguin mo,” she said with full authority. But when she saw my hesitation, she attempted to take the whole matter in her hands and just when she was about to clean the wound, I broke the silence of the night and screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Ako na! Ako na!” “Wag niyo na po hawakan!” “Ako na lang!” What a sissy.

Fast forward.

My teary-eyed kumpare  apologized. I am not mad at him and I do not hate Mookie as well. I am a bit worried though with what would happen to the dog. This is not the first incident. I am worried that they might just kill Mookie. Well, come on, Mookie may be aggressive and pretty dangerous, but it is just a dog. I am sure she was simply protecting my kumpare’s territory and the attack was a natural reaction.

The Cons
Now thinking about it, the dog bite was not bad after all. With the plaster and bandage wrapped around my leg, it has some benefits as well. When I went to the office,  I was not forced to squeeze myself inside the MRT. I can sit conveniently. This was so much different than before when I had to stand during a long ride. The same thing happens when I ride the elevator and the FX. Hahaha! Now my only worry is how  to get rid of the scars. But that can be addressed anyway. Anybody here who knows an effective scar remover? Bwahahahahahahahahaha.


Sef said...

it will become a keloid. hehehehe

Filipino Zinergy said...

Keloid pala ha. :P Ay naku bunso, konting oras na lang, matatanggal ko na rin itong mga band-aid tingnan natin kung may makita kang keloid diyan. lol

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