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Appreciating the rain

Note: I will delete this post after a month hehe

Maybe I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that I am really depressed when it rains. Or maybe I'm just trying to put a quasi-meta-scientific explanation to all the hassles and inconvenience that I feel when the sky weeps. 

Ok, so there I was, feeling confident that I won't be stuck in a traffic jam, found myself blaming the architects and engineers of Blumentritt and Espana Blvd. There was no rain in our place, but these streets were overflowing with water and all those disgusting things you could ever imagine. And I was already late. And it was Friday, Quiapo Day. And I could have reached Baguio with my 6-hour FX ride. Shit really happens. But some shits do have their beautiful side, yin and yang, sabi nga.

Hahaha. Diba may mga FX na may walkie talkie or radio transmitters. For the longest time ever, I kept on wondering what these FX drivers were talking about and thanks to the rain and traffic, I had fun decoding their jargons. Really, their language game is more entertaining than those who Sp34k lYeIk tHI3Se. So here's a bit of what I've learned. Nga pala, yung mga naka-enclose sa parenthesis, di ko pa sure kung tama ang hula ko. hehehe

Sierra Mike  - SM fairview
Tango - pasahero
Eyeball - Tingnan mo. for example: Pare i-eyeball mo nga kung may tango diyan.
Sigarilyo - Yung part ng Winston at Marlboro sa may fairview pa rin
Foxtrot - Litex
Menggay - Manggahan
Juliet  - Jeep. "Umpukan yung mga juliet dito."
Como como  - Commonwealth
San Pedro - St. Peter, sakop pati yung Convergys
Rivermaya - Riverside
Eba  - Ever commonwealth
Pamela - Philcoa
Ibon - (UP)
Hi-way 54 - Hi-way, MRT
Alupihang bakal  - (MRT)
Takalan - Pilahan ng Fx
Dila - (Delta)
Banal  - Sto. Domingo or Araneta
Malaking bilog  - Quezon City Circle
Maliit na bilog - Welcome Rotonda
Blooming  - Blumentritt
Dayuhan - Espana. I spent three days trying to decode this one. bwahahahahaha
Q.I  - Quiapo
Charlie hall - SM Manila, Manila City Hall. Diba sa mga sign boards C.hall
Tulay na bakal  - (Yung tulay sa may quiapo)
Buntot - dulo ng traffic
Alitaptap  - Taft
Kuliglig - (Taft) din ata
Pagamutan - PGH
Presidente - Quirino
Sagada - Buendia
Touch down - magbaba ng pasahero
Olympics and karera - Walang traffic. Ex: Trapik lang dito sa Dayuhan, paglampas mo doon karera na.

Backdoor - (Humanap ng shortcut or mag-shortcut). Ex: Pare mag-backdoor ka na dito sa maliit na bilog.

Positive - meron. either may nanghuhuli or may pasahero. Ex. 1: Positive and tango ng alitaptap. Ex.2 Iwas ka ng como-como positive yan.

Titanic - Bus. 

Since that day, I always choose those FXs that have walkie talkies. Until now, I still cannot decode what Rowena  means. Hahaha. I will be deleting this post after a month. Don't wanna compromise those manong drivers (safety) from kotong policemen and authorities.

To my surprise, I am now looking forward to yet another traffic jam escapade. Nyahahahahaha. Ciao

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