"But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it....All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility. Its condemnation may be allowed to rest on this common argument, not the worse for being common. "(John Stuart Mill)

Breaking the barriers of freedom expression. Defying the controls of public opinion. Love it or hate it. Do It Yourself!

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Unamused and many more!

Ok, fan/zine fanatics, get yourself ready and be amused!

Unamused Zine I would like to announce that the new issue of Unamused Zine will be out real soon. The contents are interviews with Posero, Migraine Records and Prank Sinatra. You can also read texts about the labels El Paso and Wilhelm Show me the... Records, on top of that are a few reviews and pictures too. The zine is available for FREE in person, or postage by mail. Trades are always welcome. If yo do a zine or a distro, we would love to send a copy of reviews or a few copies for the distro. Thanks a lot and please spread this out. Contact: radikalzine@yahoo.com for details.

Death and Devotion No. 1 - Death and Devotion Zine #1 is on the works. Expect interviews with Vex, Immured and besthoven plus the usual reviews section and some thoughts and opinions on everyday normal stuffs. Contact: Froilan Abeja 60 Ilang-ilang St. Zaballero Subd. Lucena City 4301 Philippines. Death and Devotion #0 still available with Warsystem, ME4TEZ (Mechtetz) and Discount plus reviews. 16 A5 pages. Trade only. Contact: radikalzine@yahoo.com for details.

Xeroxkore No. 1 - Xeroxkore #1 is still available featuring pages by Radikal Primates, Dead Stop Zine, Suckumbedxine, Critics, Carousel of Errors and The Putang Ina mo Zine. This is a 6 zine omnibus in over 70 pgs. Copies available for trades only. Contact: radikalzine@yahoo.com for details.

Stench of Rotten Existence No. 3 Stench of Rotten Existence #3 "The very delayed issue" will be out soon. Expect interviews with Hooded Menace, Hereafter, and more plus the usual reviews and other zine regulars. P25 or trade. Contact: radikalzine@yahoo.com for details.

Atomic Zebra No. 2 - Atomic Zebra’s second issue is set to make an atomic blast with its second issue!

interviews with:
Pdf file will be uploaded soon :)Please support.

Kindly contact the zinester/s for copies or trade.


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