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Lord of the zines: The trilogy continues

A decade after the first fan/zine conference, Pinoy zinesters, once again proved that neither zines nor zine making is dead. 

In a recently concluded zine convention held at Cuerdas Restobar last October 15, 2008, zine editors gathered and discussed the issues confronted by the Philippine scene zine. Among the major concerns addressed in the conference are the fan/zines’ role in the digital age, how technology impacts fan/zine production and the decreasing number of fan/zine readers.

Leaving the paper trail
Rigor Ruiz, editor of Discourse fan/zine, expressed his concern over the younger generation’s disinterest to fan/zines, to be more specific, the printed ones. Ruiz shared that nowadays, many individuals prefer to purchase music releases and records. This is in stark contrast to the previous years where aficionados used to flock around Radiation Area, a well-known fan/zine distribution outlet in Recto. Lastly, Ruiz acknowledged technology’s role in minimizing production costs, yet he stressed that online publishing is less likely to affect the role played by printed fan/zines. He (Ruiz) mentioned that printed fan/zines function as information channels in remote areas, most especially in regions where internet access is limited. 

Reviving the Philippine fan/zine culture
On the other hand, Boi Piodos of Beetlogs fan/zine emphasized the need to educate and most importantly, convert or encourage potential zine readers to become zine publishers. Piodos explained that such approach is a concrete step towards reviving the fan/zine culture in the country. 

Meanwhile, Not4Sale’s zine publisher, Ben Quinacman discussed that it is also a zinester’s duty to enrich his or her readers. Using Not4Sale as an example, Quinacman recalled the publication’s evolution. From music-related themes that manifested his personal interests, Quinacman said that Not4Sale’s succeeding issues shifted to analyzing various social dilemmas. As an artist, Quinacman added that seeing his readers learn and arrive at new ideas are his only consolations.

Participate and communicate!
In the meantime, Marco Flores, who just released Confront’s maiden issue explained that neophyte zinesters can give more support to the Philippine scene zine via actively participating in the activities of the fan/zine community. Flores said that the new generation of zinesters must preserve and remain true to the essence of zine-making. 

The discussion ended with veteran zinester, Rallye Ibanez of Scrawlshop fan/zine, asking zine editors to step-up, settle differences and render utmost cooperation. 

The event was organized by Sampcore collective. Other zinesters such as Ruby Soho of Illiterati, Corix Baluca of No Bullshit, Jamie Perez of Guttural Sickness and Darwin Kho of Verbal Abuse also graced the occasion.  

The conference was the third documented zine-related event in the country. The first zine convention was held at Mayrics on October 18, 1998 whereas the second one was organized by Dumpling Press, Ruby Soho and Agee Linan last 2002 at Surrounded by Waters.


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